Fit & Fabulous with SiseLean

I told you it was coming in Transformation Is At Hand. Our first order of the NEW SiseLean Meal Replacement came in today, so you know what that means! Yes, AC & I begin our transformation journey. I want to lose 30#, and AC’s goal is 20. I’m being realistic,

Rena Summers said that when I opened the container that I would want to lick the lid, and she was right! It smells SO good! (I didn’t lick the lid, just the seal under the lid, after I removed it, of course!)

Unfortunately for me, I had just eaten a light lunch. So I just mixed up a half serving to get a good taste. I chilled some filtered water & mixed it up in a cup with a lid, let it sit for a (L-O-N-G) moment, then took my first sip.

Oh. My.

The taste is nothing short of amazing! The blend of ingredients is perfect, and it tastes SO much better than any weight loss or protein shake I’ve had before. I was sad when my half portion was finished.

A few hours later, it was dinnertime, but I wasn’t really hungry. We did wind up eating, but I didn’t finish mine.

No I have to figure my strategy of which meal(s) to replace. I’m not big on breakfast, and don’t really get hungry until 1PM or so, if I get up at 6AM. I’m sure it will take some tweaking,  but we’ll be in a routine soon.

Weigh-in tomorrow morning =/ and pictures coming soon!

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